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Zydrunas Savickas

Ever watch that crazy shit on ESPN at like four o'clock in the morning when you're really wasted and they have those huge-ass dudes bench press motorcycles in a run-down industrial park while wearing weightlifting belts made out of loaded beer kegs and pulling fifty thousand-ton express trains with their teeth?  Well Zydrunas Savickas is the King of those bastards.  This guy weighs like 350 pounds and makes his living out of basically just walking around picking up things that weigh more than fifteen people combined while shitting bullets and getting shot in the chest with cannonballs.  He fucking squats 903lbs, benches 600 and deadlifts 800, has a 58" chest and 22" pythons, and uses all of it to fucking throw scrap metal tank hulls into the sun and pick up giant rocks the size of Kuwait.  I mean, he probably benches more weight than I've lifted in my entire life combined and his deadlift is roughly equivalent to about 6.4 Hot Andreas.  That's insane.

To say that Zydrunas Savickas is the strongest man in the world is not an overstatement.  He's not only an eight-time powerlifting champion in his native Lithuania, but he won the Arnold's Strongest Man competition the last three years straight and currently leads the IFSA Super Series in Strongman Points or however the hell they rate you there.  He's also got a couple of Silver Medals in ESPN Strongman competitions and finished second in the IPF World Powerlifting Championship in 2000.  The guy's a fucking beast, and you really can't debate the badassitude of a guy who makes his living by deadlifting polar bears, bodyslamming monster trucks into scrap metal and holding a refrigerator full of bricks over his head for no reason at all.

Zydrunas pulls a bus through the streets of Zurich.
Because he's awesome.

He lifts an impractically large tire.


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