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The A-10 Warthog - Pants-shitting awesome asplode machine.

The B-2 Bomber - The mother of all American bomber planes.

The S&W 500 Magnum - The biggest fuck-off handgun ever produced.

The Panther Tank - One of the most effective and powerful tanks ever produced.

The Black Death - The pandemic that killed more people than every war in history combined.

Optimus Prime - A giant alien robot that transforms into a Mack Truck.

The Hanta Virus - First you get a minor cold. Then you get better. Then you die.

The BFG 9000 - When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room.

BIG WIND - Two MiG jet engines mounted on a T-34 chassis to become the most badass firefighting vehicle ever created.

The AH-64 Apache - The world's deadliest attack helicopter.

John Browning - The father of modern firearms.

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