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Megalodon - The most terrifying thing ever.

Elizabeth Bathory - The Blood Countess of Transylvania, and basis for the Dracula/vampire myth.

The Honey Badger - The world's most fearless animal.

Jason Voorhees - Happy Friday the 13th.

The Titanoboa - A 43 foot-long, 2,500-pound prehistoric kill-snake from Hell.

Grigory Rasputin - Infamous "Mad Monk" of Imperial Russia.

The Headless Horseman - Headless. Horseman. Christopher. Motherfucking. Walken.

The Baroness - Female criminal mastermind, bane to GI Joes.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - A giant carnivorous dinosaur.

Skuld - Ancient Norse necromancer chick who summoned an army of Viking Zombies.

Doctor Doom - The iron-fisted ruler of Latveria.

Thanos - Possessor of the Infinity Gauntlet and grand ruler of existence.

The Emperor - The cruelest, most sinister supervillain in outer space, this dude shoots lightning out of his balls and kind of looks like the Pope.

General Zod - Kneel before Zod!

Rupert Murdoch - The closest thing to a James Bond villain that the real world has to offer.

The Four Horsemen - The four beings charged with annihilating the Earth.

Kefka - A psychotic evil clown who becomes Emperor of the World and then turns himself into a God.

The Black Death - The pandemic that killed more people than every war in history combined.

Al Capone - America's most notorious bootlegger, and a hardcore Sicilian gangster who would just as soon machine gun you into gibs than piss on your burning corpse.

The Aggro Crag - The confetti-spewing death mountain that makes all other mountains look like flaccid micropenises.

The Hanta Virus - First you get a minor cold. Then you get better. Then you die.

Watermelon Monster - It's a cannonball with teeth that does kung fu and tries to bite peoples' nutsacks off. Seriously.

Darth Vader - It's Darth Vader. If you don't at least have some vague idea of who that is, you're probably in the wrong place.

Galactus - Galactus eats planets.

Camazotz the Death Bat - Blood-sucking Mayan Bat God of death, destruction, and TURBO MONSTER JAMS.

The White Tights - A mysterious, possibly-mythical band of women snipers who have made life miserable for the Russians for decades.

The Sabertooth Tiger - Giant prehistoric lion with butcher knives for teeth.

Wu Zetian - The only female Emperor of China.

Locusta the Poisoner - Not even the Emperor himself was safe from this master alchemist and ancient Roman assassin.

Bloody Bill Anderson - One of the Civil War's most terrifying outlaws and bushwhackers.

The Pliosaur - The apex predator of the Jurassic ocean and the largest aquatic reptiles of all time.

The Panzer 1000 - In 1942 Hitler approved the construction of a 1000-pound tank so ginormous it mounted naval artillery and had a vehicle bay that carried a couple of motorcycles. This is a real thing that happened.

Aaron Burr - The most badass Vice President in American history.

Cardinal Richelieu - The diabolical mastermind who turned France from a bankrupt war-torn country into the most dominant political superpower on the European continent.

Gunnhild, Mother of Kings - Queen, wife, and mother of Kings, this diabolical mastermind ruthlessly obliterated all Viking warriors who stood in her path.

Baron von Ungern-Sternberg - The "Bloody Baron," this psychotic World War I Russian cavalry commander swore to horrifically butcher all who stood in the way of him forging a revived Mongol Empire.

Komodo Dragon - Nine-foot-long carnivorous reptile that can run as fast as a human and has a bite that carries 57 strains of virulent, unsurvivable infectious bacteria.

Santa Anna - Elected President of Mexico eleven times (and deposed twelve times), the villain of the Alamo rocked a prosthetic leg, brought bubble gum to the United States, has a sea shanty named after him, once led a military coup against himself.

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