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Juan Pujol Garcia - The most effective double agent of WWII.

Frederick von der Trenck - 18th century German adventurer, soldier, and prison escapee.

Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi - Wandering samurai/ninja/pirate of Feudal Japan.

Jason Bourne - So good at his job that even amnesia couldn't take him down.

Hanzo Hattori - The father of all ninjas.

Eddie Chapman - Ex-criminal that provided priceless information to the British during WWII.

Count Rochefoucauld - WWII French espionage expert who once stole a limo from the Gestapo.

Richard Francis Burton - The manliest writer of all time.

Allan Pinkerton - America's first (and most badass) detective.

Christopher Lee - World War II Commando, master fencer, Dracula.

Violette Morris - Professional race car driver, national champion in 20 sports, Olympic Gold Medal shot put and discus thrower, hated enemy of the French Resistance.

Nancy Wake - The most decorated Allied servicewoman of World War II.

Mochizuki Chiyome - After her husband dies in battle, this woman creates a school to train badass female ninjas in the fine art of espionage and face-stabbing.

Klondike Joe Boyle - Yukon gold-mining Secret Agent who managed a Stanley Cup hockey team, outfitted a WWI machine gun company, stole the Romanian crown jewels from a vault in Moscow, one fought a shark with a knife.

Cardinal Richelieu - The diabolical mastermind who turned France from a bankrupt war-torn country into the most dominant political superpower on the European continent.

Virginia Hall - 30 year CIA and OSS veteran who spent all of WWII working behind German lines with the French Resistance. She's the most-decorated female spy in American history, and she did it all with a wooden leg.

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