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Fridtjof Nansen - Arctic explorer, adventurer, scientist, and Nobel Prize winner.

Marie Curie - Invented the science behind chemotherapy and nuclear warfare.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Utterly brilliant inventor, scientist, artist, and crazy person.

Nikola Tesla - King of the mad scientists.

Eric Pianka - Field biologist who specializes in desert reptiles, buffalo, and falconry; and when he's not wrestling deadly animals he's working on his theories on human population control.

Thor Heyerdahl - Built ships out of seriously outdated materials to give the archaeological community something to scratch their heads at, and just for funsies.

Indiana Jones - The most badass archaeologist to ever throw a Nazi into an airplane propeller.

Steve Irwin - Craziest, coolest man to ever willingly shove his hand into a crocodile's danger zone.

John Paul Stapp - The Fastest Man Alive.

Carl Akeley - Hunter, conservationist, killed a leopard with his bare hands.

Tycho Brahe - Mad scientist, evil genius, pioneer of astronomy.

Andrei Sakharov - Created the biggest bomb in human history, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Leona Woods - The only woman on the Manhattan Project, this physicist helped build the world's first nuclear reactor, then produced the fissionable material used in the first atomic bomb.

Locusta the Poisoner - Not even the Emperor himself was safe from this master alchemist and ancient Roman assassin.

Spock - The most badass first officer in science fiction history.

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