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Witold Urbanowicz - Daring commander of the Polish 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

The Winged Hussars - One of the most feared cavalry regiments of all time.

Marie Curie - Invented the science behind chemotherapy and nuclear warfare.

Voytek the Soldier Bear - It's a bear that was a soldier. There is no other comparison to how cool that is.

Mariusz Pudzianowski - The strongest man in the world. No question.

Casimir Pulaski - Polish rebel who invented American Cavalry and led a Legion of European lancers in the American Revolution.

The Mighty Atom - Badass old-time strongman who once beat the hell out of 20 Nazis single-handedly.

Jan Sobieski - The man who saved Europe by leading the largest cavalry charge in human history.

Jozef Pilsudski - The greatest warrior in modern Polish history, he escaped three prisons, defeated the Russian Army, and became hero to his people.

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