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Podcast 001 - Behold, the first episode of the Badass Podcast, where I fumble my way through trying to be interesting and conduct an interview! This week, our first guest is Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and Badass illustrator Brian Snoddy!

Podcast 002 - Continuing my trend of interviewing people who owe me favors, today I talk with Thom Zahler, creator of Love and Capes and a guy I've shared Comic-Con tables with for the last decade or so.

Podcast 003 - I unsuccessfully try to stay on-topic while answering reader questions.

Podcast 004 - I talk to Manny Vega, the guy who designed the Badass of the Week website, drew the Con Carne comic, and helped me run the Spades & Grenades kickstarter.

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