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Cherokee Bill - The toughest, meanest, and most feared outlaw in the Indian Territories.

Jonathan R. Davis - A lone gunslinger who took down an entire bandit gang by himself.

William McBryar - Buffalo soldier and twenty-year U.S. Army veteran, he received a Medal of Honor fighting the Apache and was one of the first black officers in the history of the U.S. military.

Doc Holliday - The infamous half-insane, alcoholic, gunfighting dentist.

Liver-Eating Johnson - It's not just a clever name.

Josey Wales - Joined a band of Confederate guerillas to avenge the murder of his wife and son.

John Barclay Armstrong - The Texas Ranger that all old west outlaws feared.

Ben Thompson - Gunslinger who at one point or another held every badass occupation in the Old West.

Larcena Pennington - This chick made the Oregon Trail her bitch.

Allan Pinkerton - America's first (and most badass) detective.

Stagecoach Mary - Hard-drinking, hard-fighting Old West mail carrier.

Edward L. Baker - Lars Ulrich's great-godfather was a hardcore Old West Buffalo Soldier Sergeant-Major who fought Apaches under Geronimo and stormed San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt.

John Coffee Hays - One of the toughest and most celebrated Texas Rangers on the Wild West frontier.

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