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Skanderbeg - Albania's national hero is personally credited with killing over 3,000 men in combat.

Jan Zizka - The One-Eyed Czech asskicker.

Jeanne Hachette - Teenage girl who defended her city walls with a hatchet.

Khawla bint al-Azwar - Warrior heroine of the Islamic Conquest.

Matilda of Canossa - Italian warrior-princess who served as the Pope's personal bodyguard.

Kim Yushin - Hero of Korea's Three Kingdoms era.

Saito Musashibo Benkei - Feudal Japanese warrior so tough that not even being dead could bring him down.

Frederick Barbarossa - German ruler who rebuilt and expanded the Holy Roman Empire.

The Winged Hussars - One of the most feared cavalry regiments of all time.

Alp Arslan - Medieval Turkish Sultan who irrevocably crushed the power of Byzantium.

Caterina Sforza - Crazy medieval tyrant who subjected her foes to ruthless tortures.

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem - The Leper King of Jerusalem led the charge that destroyed Saladin's invading armies.

Finn McCool - Legendary Irish warrior and world-reknowned asskicker.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Utterly brilliant inventor, scientist, artist, and crazy person.

Blenda - A young Swedish girl slaughters an entire army of marauding Vikings.

Isabella of France - The British Queen who deposed and executed the King.

Hassan ibn al-Sabbah - Founder of the Hashashin, the secret Order of Assassins.

Justinian II - Emperor of the Byzantines who was a real dick about taxes and ruthless with his enemies, and even tried to arrest the Pope.

Viking at Stamford Bridge - One of the most badass nameless berserkers to ever wield an axe.

Taira no Masakado - The First Samurai's fury was so implacable that he continued to rage even after he was decapitated.

William Wallace - The pioneer of the quest for Scottish independence, Wallace whipped out his six foot claymore and equivalently sized dick to fight the English.

Roland - One of the few people who make the French look awesome.

Wolf the Quarrelsome - Slaughtered away the Vikings to free Ireland from any Viking dominion.

El Cid Campeador - Spanish military commander who busted serious heads in Spain during the 11th century.

Joan of Arc - The French Joan of Arc.

Cuchulainn - The Irish Chuck Norris.

Queen Tamar - The Queen of Kings, this ultimately powerful warrior-ruler dominated Georgia and Central Asia for over 35 years.

Ali ibn Abi Talib - The first male convert to Islam and one of Mohammad's most powerful and revered warriors.

Trấn Hưng Đạo - Vietnamese commander who defeated the Mongols by impaling their fleet on iron stakes.

Tamerlane - The successor of Genghis Khan, this guy conquered half of Asia, pillaged India, and brought the Ottoman Sultan back to his palace in chains.

Anna Comnena - One of the best and most complete sources of historical documentation during the Byzantine Era came from a woman who wasn't supposed to even know how to read.

The Killer Rabbit - That's no ordinary bunny.

The Black Death - The pandemic that killed more people than every war in history combined.

Saladin - Scourge of the Crusaders and the greatest Muslim military commander since Mohammad.

Krum the Horrible - Bulgar horse lord who made drinking cups out of the skulls of his slain enemies.

Fredegund - The Middle Ages' most bloodthirsty and ruthless queen.

John Hunyadi - The White Knight of Hungary.

Yue Fei - China's ultra-loyal, ultra-tragic barbarian-quelling warlord.

Basil the Bulgar-Slayer - The scourge of Bulgarians.

Ivajlo the Cabbage - Illiterate pig farmer defeats the Mongols, marries an Empress, becomes Emperor of Bulgaria.

Harald Wartooth - The Viking King Arthur.

Saint Nicholas - The patron saint of prostitutes, murderers, children, sailors, and punching heretics in the face.

Baybars - Slave to Sultan, defeated the Mongols, destroyed the Crusaders.

The Swiss Pikemen - The most dangerous infantry unit of the Middle Ages.

Raden Wijaya - Medieval Indonesian warrior-prince kills everyone, bangs a half-dozen princesses, then tries to double-cross the Mongol Horde.

King Clovis - The bloodthirsty Germanic barbarian asskicker who created the modern French state as we know it.

Wu Zetian - The only female Emperor of China.

Sundiata - 13th-century West African Mandingo warrior must avenge his family and retake his rightful throne from the invincible evil sorcerer who invented the xylophone. His story becomes the basis for Disney's Lion King.

William Marshal - "The Greatest Knight that Ever Lived", he survived his first siege at age 5 and served as the main asskicker to five English kings.

Harald Fairhair - Badass Viking ruler with amazing hair who refused to cut his locks or trim his beard until he'd conquered every minor kingdom in Norway.

Erik the Red - A convicted Viking mass-murderer somehow convinces 400 people to follow him to Greenland and let him rule as their Jarl.

North Sentinel Island - Modern-day society of tribal badass warriors who have responded to ruthlessly defend their island against anyone who sets foot near it.

Khutulun - Genghis Khan's great-great-granddaughter was unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat, an expert wrestler, and she commanded a regiment of Mongol heavy cavalry in combat.

Jeanne de Clisson - When the King of France had her husband beheaded as a traitor, the "Tigress of Britanny" assembled a fleet of black-hulled warships and personally wreaked vengeance on the Crown.

Edward Longshanks - The Hammer of the Scots.

Charlemagne - The military genius who crushed the enemies of Christendom, united Europe under one ruler, and brought the continent out of the Dark Ages.

Gotz von Berlichingen - Insanely-badass German Teutonic knight who survived five decades of war, battled enemies with a mechanical iron arm, and invented the phrase "kiss my ass".

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