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Tommy Prince - The most hardcore man in the Devil's Brigade.

Kim Yushin - Hero of Korea's Three Kingdoms era.

Mas Oyama - Godhand.

Lewis Millett - Veteran of three wars led the last bayonet charge in U.S. history.

Kenneth L. Reusser - The most decorated aviator in Marine Corps history.

Chesty Puller - Rose through the ranks of the Marines from Private to three star General, busting all kinds of balls along the way.

Yi Soon Shin - Kickass Korean admiral and major thorn in Japan's balls during the 16th century.

David Bleak - Combat medic who took down the enemy with his bare hands in order to save his buddies.

The Hanta Virus - First you get a minor cold. Then you get better. Then you die.

Neil Armstrong - American hero.

Basil Plumley - 35-year Army veteran of three wars, decorated 40 times for bravery.

Tibor Rubin - Hungarian-born Concentration Camp survivor turned American war hero.

George Welch - One of the only American pilots to fight back during Pearl Harbor.

Douglas MacArthur - Fifty-two years of service, seventeen medals for bravery, a half-dozen outlaw shootouts, two World Wars, and the battle for Korea. One of America's most famous, controversial, and badass generals.

Big Bill Speakman - When Big Bill ran out of grenades, he single-handedly held off an entire Chinese brigade by throwing beer bottles and rocks at them.

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