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Witold Urbanowicz - Daring commander of the Polish 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Hans-Ulrich Rudel - The most decorated combat pilot ever.

Anna Yegorova - WWII Sturmovik pilot and Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Lydia Litvyak - The highest-scoring female fighter ace ever.

Hiromichi Shinohara - The greatest Japanese fighter ace you've never heard of.

Buzz Aldrin - Fighter pilot, astronaut, moonwalker, face-puncher.

Kenneth L. Reusser - The most decorated aviator in Marine Corps history.

Chuck Yeager - World War 2 pilot and the first person to ever break the sound barrier, Chuck tested planes, broke speed records, and trained astronauts for the United States for 3 decades.

Billy Bishop - Bishop kicked German ass in the skies, notching kills left and right, fighting The Red Baron's squad, and living to tell the tale.

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. - Flipped a large middle finger to segregation and became the first African-American general of the United States Air Force.

The B-2 Bomber - The mother of all American bomber planes.

Eugene Jacques Bullard - History's first black combat pilot, and aviation hero of WWI.

Joe Foss - 26-kill WWII fighter ace, former commissioner of the AFL, and one-time president of the NRA.

Robin Olds - Three-time ace and USAF legend who obliterated everything from Nazi Me-109s to MiG-21 jet fighters.

M. M. Alam - The only man to ever become Ace in a Day from the cockpit of a jet fighter.

George Welch - One of the only American pilots to fight back during Pearl Harbor.

Jalil Zandi - The highest scoring F-14 Tomcat fighter ace of all time.

Douglas Bader - 20-kill fighter ace and Battle of Britain hero who kicked German ass despite losing both of his legs in a flying accident.

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