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Frederick Barbarossa - German ruler who rebuilt and expanded the Holy Roman Empire.

Justinian II - Emperor of the Byzantines who was a real dick about taxes and ruthless with his enemies, and even tried to arrest the Pope.

Attila the Hun - His nickname says it all: The Scourge of God.

Akbar the Great - Indian emperor who un-fucked a lot of India.

Caesar Augustus - Used democracy to make himself Roman Emperor.

Ramses II - The greatest and most powerful of Egypt's mighty Pharaohs.

The Emperor - The cruelest, most sinister supervillain in outer space, this dude shoots lightning out of his balls and kind of looks like the Pope.

Qin Shi Huangdi - The man who unified China, became the First Emperor, and set up an Imperial system that would last for two millenia.

Babur - Founder of the Mughal Empire and one of the toughest Central Asian warlords in history.

Basil the Bulgar-Slayer - The scourge of Bulgarians.

Stephen the Little - Ordinary dude tries to impersonate the Tsar of Russia, becomes ruler of Montenegro.

Murad IV - Iron-fisted ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Ivajlo the Cabbage - Illiterate pig farmer defeats the Mongols, marries an Empress, becomes Emperor of Bulgaria.

Hammurabi - An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Wu Zetian - The only female Emperor of China.

Charlemagne - The military genius who crushed the enemies of Christendom, united Europe under one ruler, and brought the continent out of the Dark Ages.

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