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Joseph Lozito - The New York Subway Hero.

Wolverine - The prototypical comic book anti-hero.

Rukhsana Kauser - 18 year-old Indian farmgirl takes on six terrorists armed with AK-47s.

St. Moses the Black - The Patron Saint of Asskicking.

Michael Groves - One man fought off a dozen Somali pirates with a fire hose.

Abraham Van Helsing - The original gangsta of vampire hunting.

MacGyver - The spy who can make bitchin escape tools out of virtually nothing (and a little duct tape).

Elliot Stabler - The fictional cop that every real cop should look up to.

Jack McCoy - He will cut your shit down, with justice.

Batman - Gotham City's most badass face-punching crime fighter.

Lennie Briscoe - This man has probably solved more homicides than the entire real-life NYPD combined.

Teddy Roosevelt - Adventurer, explorer, soldier, American President, Medal of Honor recipient, and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The Bride - A one-woman wrecking crew of limb-severing violence.

John McClane - The ultimate action movie hero.

Ron Woods - When some dude tried to jack his car, Ron fought him off with nothing more than a cell phone and a cup of coffee.

Anthony Omari - Dude saves 37 orphans from a gang of thieves, then survives a machete to the face.

Bass Reeves - Runaway slave who became one of most successful lawmen and gunfighters of the American West.

William Fairbairn - Martial arts badass and Shanghai cop who trained SAS and Marine Raiders in WWII.

Allan Pinkerton - America's first (and most badass) detective.

Shen Jianzhong - Thirty goons show up at the home of a Chinese fitness instructor and try to bully him out of town. They fail.

George Rowe - The only private citizen to ever successfully infiltrate an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Wayne O'Mahoney - 41 year-old naked British Army vet beats the hell out of three guys trying to jack his car.

Eugene Vidocq - The father of modern detective work.

The Mighty Atom - Badass old-time strongman who once beat the hell out of 20 Nazis single-handedly.

Walter Walsh - Badass gangster-hunting FBI agent, Marine Corps sniper, Olympic marksman.

Maurya Dissanayake - Three muggers ambush a gas station attendant in broad daylight. They don't realize the other guy who works there is the five-time Sri Lankan MMA champion.

The GIGN - One of the world's oldest and most combat-experienced counter-terrorist organizations.

Yonatan Azarihab - After being stabbed in the neck from behind, this Israeli asskicker pulled the knife out and used it on his attacker.

John Coffee Hays - One of the toughest and most celebrated Texas Rangers on the Wild West frontier.

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