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Princess Pingyang - 20 year old woman leads an army of peasants against the Emperor of China.

T'ai Djin - Shaolin Kung Fu Werewolf Grandmaster.

Yang Youde - Chinese farmer defends his land with homemade rocket launchers.

Xie Jinyuan - No nonsense officer during the Battle of Shanghai who didn't take shit from anyone. Especially the Japanese.

Ching Shih - A female pirate in charge of a fleet so powerful it kicked the shit out of the Chinese Imperial Navy.

The Asiatic Honey Bee - Psychotic little bees that kill gigantic evil wasps with no problem.

Qin Shi Huangdi - The man who unified China, became the First Emperor, and set up an Imperial system that would last for two millenia.

Lu Bu - The most feared blood-raging berserker warrior of Three Kingdoms China.

Jackie Chan - One of the biggest icons in the history of martial arts cinema.

Watermelon Monster - It's a cannonball with teeth that does kung fu and tries to bite peoples' nutsacks off. Seriously.

William Fairbairn - Martial arts badass and Shanghai cop who trained SAS and Marine Raiders in WWII.

Yue Fei - China's ultra-loyal, ultra-tragic barbarian-quelling warlord.

Shen Jianzhong - Thirty goons show up at the home of a Chinese fitness instructor and try to bully him out of town. They fail.

Koxinga - The only pirate to ever be worshipped as a living God.

Wu Zetian - The only female Emperor of China.

Drukpa Kunley - The Patron Saint of Bhutan brought the teaching of Buddhism to the people of the land... With his boner.

Khutulun - Genghis Khan's great-great-granddaughter was unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat, an expert wrestler, and she commanded a regiment of Mongol heavy cavalry in combat.

Taksin the Great - Peasant soldier becomes King and Liberator of Thailand by training an army of dual-wielding Muay Thai guerilla fighters and unleashing them on an invading enemy.

Pappy Boyington - Flying Tiger, commander of the Black Sheep Squadron, WWII American fighter ace, and a guy who posthumously received the Medal of Honor... when he wasn't actually really dead.

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