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Alexander Karelin - Ivan Drago meets Zangief. Only real.

Maurice Richard - One of hockey's all-time toughest men.

Jack Johnson - the first black Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World

T'ai Djin - Shaolin Kung Fu Werewolf Grandmaster.

Buck Shelford - Rugby player has ball ripped off in first half, comes back and plays the second.

Mas Oyama - Godhand.

Evel Knievel - The crazy daredevil whose insanity has become the stuff of legend.

John L. Sullivan - Last of the great bare-knuckle boxers.

Imi Lichtenfeld - Israeli national hero and founder of the badass martial art Krav Maga.

Jesse Owens - Athlete who gave Hitler a run for his dirty Nazi money during the 1936 Olympic Games.

Makoto Nagano - This guy is proof that ninjas still exist.

Segata Sanshiro - The ultimate martial arts / video game master.

Zinedine Zidane - This guy's sense of revenge was so well-developed that he got tossed from the most important game of his life for headbutting his enemy out of spite.

Mariusz Pudzianowski - The strongest man in the world. No question.

Ivan Drago - The genetically-engineered Soviet super-athlete.

Muhammad Ali - The greatest.

Jackie Chan - One of the biggest icons in the history of martial arts cinema.

Slade Cutter - All-American football player and hardcore WWII submarine commander.

Joe Foss - 26-kill WWII fighter ace, former commissioner of the AFL, and one-time president of the NRA.

Cliff Young - "I like to finish what I start doing. I like to see it through to the end, to the best of my ability."

Robin Olds - Three-time ace and USAF legend who obliterated everything from Nazi Me-109s to MiG-21 jet fighters.

Violette Morris - Professional race car driver, national champion in 20 sports, Olympic Gold Medal shot put and discus thrower, hated enemy of the French Resistance.

Oscar Charleston - The greatest and most badass baseball player you've never heard of.

Edith Garrud - The militant Suffragette who judo flipped cops.

Bob Crisp - Professional cricket player who smoked Nazis with a tank.

The Mighty Atom - Badass old-time strongman who once beat the hell out of 20 Nazis single-handedly.

Walter Walsh - Badass gangster-hunting FBI agent, Marine Corps sniper, Olympic marksman.

Klondike Joe Boyle - Yukon gold-mining Secret Agent who managed a Stanley Cup hockey team, outfitted a WWI machine gun company, stole the Romanian crown jewels from a vault in Moscow, one fought a shark with a knife.

Khutulun - Genghis Khan's great-great-granddaughter was unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat, an expert wrestler, and she commanded a regiment of Mongol heavy cavalry in combat.

Chevalier de Saint-Georges - Master fencer, superstar celebrity, violin-shredding virtuoso, the first black composer, and military commander of the first black infantry regiment in European history.

Joe Beyrle - After escaping a Nazi POW camp, this American Paratrooper joined up with the Red Army and continued kicking Fascist ass.

Pappy Boyington - Flying Tiger, commander of the Black Sheep Squadron, WWII American fighter ace, and a guy who posthumously received the Medal of Honor... when he wasn't actually really dead.

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