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Han Solo - The badass gunslinger from a galaxy far, far away.

The Predator - Your worst extraterrestrial nightmare.

Thanos - Possessor of the Infinity Gauntlet and grand ruler of existence.

Ellen Ripley - The most kickass chick to ever fry a horde of aliens with a blowtorch.

The Emperor - The cruelest, most sinister supervillain in outer space, this dude shoots lightning out of his balls and kind of looks like the Pope.

General Zod - Kneel before Zod!

Starship Troopers - The worst/best movie ever.

Optimus Prime - A giant alien robot that transforms into a Mack Truck.

The BFG 9000 - When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room.

Darth Vader - It's Darth Vader. If you don't at least have some vague idea of who that is, you're probably in the wrong place.

Galactus - Galactus eats planets.

Spock - The most badass first officer in science fiction history.

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