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Sho'Nuff is the self-proclaimed "Shogun of Harlem" and the baddest mofo low-down around the town in the balls-out 80's blaxploitation/breakdance/kung-fu movie Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.&nbps; He basically dresses up in his outrageous costume and goes around with his posse of eighties street thugs doing all sorts of crazy shit like trashing mom-and-pop pizza joints, destroying people in underground cage-matches and stuffing ten year-olds into garbage cans.  At one point he even makes kung-fu master/Bruce Lee wannabe Leroy "kiss his converse" in front of his entire karate school.  Sho'Nuff is a badass because while Leroy spends the whole movie bitching about attaining Zen or whatever and avoiding intimate physical contact with his rock star girlfriend like the plague, Sho spends his time trying to start shit with random people, growing his afro and being total wank to everyone he encounters.  When he gets super-pissed he starts glowing red and kicking ass.  A lot of people can't do that.  His breakdancing kung-fu expert thug cronies help him out in these endeavors by constantly stroking his massive ego, kicking in windows and participating in Sho's signature monologue, which goes as follows:

Sho'Nuff: Am I the meanest?
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: Am I the prettiest?
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: Am I the baddest mo-fo, low-down, around this town?
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: Well, who am I?
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: Who am I?
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: I can’t hear you!
Gang: Sho'Nuff!
Sho'Nuff: The Shogun of Harlem!

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Tags: 20th century | African-American | Martial Arts | Outlaw | United States

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