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The Valentine's Day Massacre
02.15.2013 253670715623

“These murders went out of the comprehension of a civilized city. The butchering of seven men by open daylight raises this question for Chicago: Is it helpless?” -The Chicago Tribune, February 15, 1929

I am currently on vacation in Key West sipping a fruity-looking tropical drink poolside next to a pretty girl, so rather than spend my Friday stressing out about World War II I'll post a timely story I wrote earlier this week for HistoryRoll.com about one of the most romantic things to ever happen to 1920s gangland Chicago:  The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.


The article can be found here:



I'll be back next week with a badass Sons of Anarchy-style story about a guy who infiltrated one of the world's most insane motorcycle gangs so that he could bring them down from the inside.  It'll be fucking nuts.


In the mean time, here's a picture of me on vacation.


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