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The Asiatic Honey Bee
08.04.2006 187728219134

Look at that picture.  Who the fuck would mess with that?

Behold the Vespa Velutina.  This fucker can obliterate an entire colony of European honey bees then eat its larvae and rape its queen.  It leaves a pile of severed honey bee parts at the entrance and shits on them for giggles.  One might say upon initial inspection that this is a badass.  And one would be right.

According to this article, resident expert bee-man-ologist Thomas Seeley of Cornell refers to these hugeass attacker wasps as "gigantic".  Of all social insects, the species has the largest workers, with wingspans that can stretch 5 centimeters.  The wasps build large versions of the papery nests of hornets found in North America, and they specialize in breaking into other social-insect nests and carrying off larvae as food for young wasps.

"I've seen a single wasp overwhelm a colony of 6,000 bees" says Seeley.  The invader wasp stands at the nest's entrance as one guard bee after another comes out to defend its home.  "The wasp cuts the guard into pieces ... and waits for the next one," says Seeley.  When all the defenders are dead, "the wasps strip-mine out the larvae," he reports.

But lo and behold, there is one mightier than this big fucking wasp.
And it is this guy.


I smoke dust and shoot cops.


Meet Apis Cerana, known as the Asian Honeybee.  He's a baller.  When that huge ass wasp comes around he lays low, until the wasp come in his house, then he and his brethren mob him like stink on rice.  They perform a technique called "heat balling", just to prove they're hardcore.


Fuck you.


They attack, and using their powerful flight muscles vibrate like that thing you found in your mom's underwear drawer, creating heat.  They cook the wasp, who can only tolerate up to 43 degrees Celsius, at 45 degrees Celsius.  And they ain't afraid of death, because if it were only 5 degrees hotter, it would cook them as well.

So when he is thoroughly cooked like a maui pig, he is dropped and then desecrated and they take his stinger and hang it on the cone as a warning to any other fucker wasps who come around looking for a rumble.

Even better, all the bees are chicks, so that wasp got its ass kicked by girls.

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