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I've read your article about Winston Churchill and it reminded me about something I heard a couple years ago. Apparently Churchill had a parrot that is still alive today, and has retained its habit of quoting Churchill's foul-mouthed anti-nazi rants. The story might not be quite true, but if it isn't it should be.

Thanks, Bryant

Even better are all the things Churchill had to say. His quotes are so badass that the words themselves are ready to leap off the page and put a vice-grip on your balls. For example:

"I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter."

These are the words of a man with cojones the size of wrecking balls. More infinitely awesome quotes can be found here.

Besides, look at that photo! This is the face of a man considering the most painful way of extracting the photographer's liver and eating it for having the gall to interrupt him from his tea break of drinking grain alcohol with no chaser and banging the entire female population of Britain.

Hey! Fun site! I am a big fan of Winston Churchill, and thought you might be interested in the world record he holds in being monumentally more of a badass as his life went on.

As you point out, he was a top cavalryman. Well versed in fighting with a sword from horseback. Part of a tradition of fighting going back 4,000 years. But one could only kill one opponent at a time. Which he did, at Omdurman, 1898.

Late in his life, 80 something years old, he wielded a bigger weapon. In his second term as Prime Minister (1950 - 54) his weapon at hand wasn't a sword, but an atomic bomb! Yes, Britain had just deployed the A-bomb. He was the man with the Button. (Well, the authority to launch the bombers.) So in his lifetime he went from one of the oldest, longest serving weapons to the newest, most inconceivably powerful one.

In between fought two world wars; in WW I commanding the world's most powerful navy, and in WW II commanding all armed forces of UK, and entire nation.

I think that's a record for longevity of badassedness, and exponential growth of badassedness.

Thanks for the site. I hope you enjoyed this.


I like your site - really good stuff. I just read about Winston and Jack Churchill and about the Sci-Fi channel's movies, and (of course) about the TITANOBOA (must be typed with caps locked!). Didn't they just publish a pic of one of those recently, swimming down the Amazon?

Anyway, it seems to me that there must be some family relationship between the amazing Churchills - they are so similar: tenacious, brave, heroes who get the job done and beat the crap out of the enemy. Surely something (SFCOM-like) could be done to show they are third cousins, ten times removed or something. Or clones. Or maybe even the same person through a time-warp, or from a parallel universe. Or from an alien race who were sent to Earth to protect us from the evil that bad guys (read: Nazis) do. That could at least explain Jack's liking of bagpipes.

Anyway, keep up the good work - it's really good (and interesting and entertaining) to read.


[Editor's Note: Though Jack and Winston weren't related, in an interesting turn of events, Jack Churchill was actually a Lieutenant-Colonel under the command of ANOTHER dude named Churchill, who was legitimately the second or third cousin of Winston. Weird how that stuff works out.]


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