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Ben or Don Quixote or whatever you go by these days,

I've been a fan of the site since college but since I generally find writing to strange people on the internet pretty creepy, I've yet to submit any fan mail.  I usually read your updates, send the links on to my friends and leave it at that.  However, I just have to say that the article you recently posted about the wine tasting is spot on.  You've put a lot of great stuff up recently, especially that one about converting to Norse Religion, however I think this is the most practical advice you've ever given.

I printed you the article and shared it with my wine club and everyone thought it was 100% true and hysterical, well except for the people in it that were offended by it's accurate lampooning.

Anyways, keep up the awesome work.  Your badass of the week entries are one of the few things that make Monday mornings at work bearable for my friends and I.

Oh and I'm surprised you haven't put anything up about the new American Gladiators yet.  In case you haven't watched the show yet, it's 125% totally absurd and is on NBC.




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