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-- Vader vs. Vikings --

Alright, I know you're going to get a shit ton of these, but hear me out:

Darth Vader vs. The Viking at Stamford Bridge.

How fucking bad ass would that be? After the viking is done tearing through legion upon legion of Vader's pussy stormtroopers, Vader pushes the mountains of stormtrooper bodies to two sides, like Noah and the Red Sea. The viking sits quietly, as Vader Inches closer, his lightsaber's humming the only sound between them. The Viking is red with stormtrooper blood. Vader raises his lightsaber in his typical stance, out in front of him, aiming at the Viking. The Viking rears his axe back, chanting an oath to Valhalla and asks Odin for his strength or some shit. He lets out a blood curdling scream as to hot fucking Valkyries sing behind him as "The Flight of the Valkyries" kicks in, he charge Vader. Vader looks silently at him, and whispers "I have you now" and fucking goes balls out on the viking, sparks and shit flying everywhere from his saber colliding with the blood soaked axe.

Also, it's set in Valhalla, and fucking Darth Vader ends up having to kill tons of Norse gods. He can Force Lighting or Force Choke the raging Vikings. Ragnarok ensues.

Holy shit that would be kick ass. Norse mythology is cool enough, but all the Norse gods killing each other in one final battle while Darth Vader and the Viking fight would be bad ass.

Norse Apocalypse rules.




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