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Mr. Amazing Ben,

Longtime reader, second time writer here. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the site, but your most recent entry was so awesome, I just had to comment.

Most BotW alumni are folks who, on a purely physical level, could kickass and take names in ways that we can only dream of. There's not a doubt in my mind that a zombie of George Patton could rip my heart from my chest without even realizing that I was there. But every once in a while we get a curveball lobbed at us, and so I must salute you forinducting Nikola Tesla into the Badass of the Week. Dude was made of equal parts crazy and awesome, and thereain't no two ways about it.Obviously, if you're looking to claim the title of Earth's Greatest Barfight Tag-Team, Tesla wasn't the man you'd want standing next to you. Butwhen those damn dirtyaliens get to thinking that Earth is easy pickings, or when some crazy-ass supervillain tries to take over New York, or fothermucking Godzilla rears his head to wreckbloody havoc on humankind, who ya gonna call? Nikola Tesla and his fucking death ray, that's who. It's true, you can't argue with a pissed off, roided out muscle freak, but it's even truer that you can't argue with a man who canCALL DOWN FUCKING LIGHTNING at a whim. He remains a hero to all of us brainy geeks who aspire to be badasses.

Kindest Regards,


Hello, might I first say how much I enjoy your website, with your wonderful mix of fact, humour and sheer virility.

I have just read your article on Nikola Tesla, and enjoyed it apart from one paragraph. Namely, the one in which you talk about Tesla being the ultimate mad scientist, with his wonderful collection of character flaws. The problem I have with this paragraph is nobody can be certain if Tesla actually had many, if any, of these flaws, as Edison forked out a lot of money into completely discrediting Tesla, including making up shit about how he acted.

Besides that, I love your work, and it's definitely a highlight of my week.

Just Stumbled upon (stumbleuponned?) your article about Nikola Tesla, and while it is mighty awesome (as was Tesla), it's got one little mistake: Tesla was a Serb by nationality, but he was born in Croatia. And lived in Croatia. Until he went somewhere more interesting, anyway. He's often quoted as saying he's proud of his Serbian roots and his Croatian branches. Naa... wait... his Croatian homeland! Yes, that's it.

Nino from Croatia

I laughed so hard when reading articles, I practically had tears in my eyes getting ready to piss my pants. Your ability to praise serious frightening motherfuckers like Nikola Tesla, Attila the Hun, Rasputin and more other, is truly ultra-amazing. I had no ideea history could be this fun until I stumbled upon your website featuring Tesla. I had read about him a lot, but never have I come across a funny-ass article like yours that has the power to magically suck you in the characters awesome world.

I just wanted to congratulate you for the work that you do in informing the world about badasses that earned the respect of everyone, in a manner that is strikingly original and extremely funny.

I don't think anyone or anything had made me laugh so hard in the last few years, than your articles did. Keep up the badass work!

Greetings from a humble hungarian fan Sz


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