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E-Mail: The Curse of Tamerlane

Dear Amazing Ben,

I was doing some research on Tamerlane, and came up with an interesting piece of information. On June 19th, 1941, a Russian anthropologist by the name of Mikhail M. Gerasimov exhumed Tamerlane's body from his grave. Well, when Tamerlane was buried, a sign was carved on the grave saying that anyone who opened the tomb would have war demons descend upon their country. It just so happens that, three days later, Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, the full on invasion of Russia. Although Russia eventually won, Germany's invasion directly caused 7.5 million Russian deaths. I just think its pretty cool this guy can kick ass from beyond the grave.

And here's an additional piece of info, although I cannot be certain of its authenticity: Supposedly, Joseph Stalin learned that Gerasimov dug up Tamerlane's corpse, and actually ordered that the body be put back. I just think its peculiar that one of the 20th century's most brutal and insane dictators, a man that personally signed all of the death lists during his political purges, would be afraid of a corpse. I'm not sure many can say that people feared their dead bodies.



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