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-- Additional St. Michael Badassitude --

Now I think your website is the mother-fucking shit. Your candor and style of writing are so amazing for the subjects you describe, and your choice in badasses is truly inspiring. However I feel that you left out some key facts in describing one of the most badass beings in this or any other universe, Arch-Angel Michael:

-Michael did not just carry around any pussy ass weapon, he wielded a sword of fire! Don't believe me look it up in Genesis, he's the dude who kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden, and then set up shop there when he wasn't busitng people's asses.

- If you look in the book of Isaiah, you will notice that all those renaissance artists missed a pretty huge detail out of portraying Michael, he didn't have two wings he had six (as did all angels of a certain level). The first pair was used to cover his face, which was way too badass to for the mortal Isaiah, the second was of course to fly and the third was described as "covering his feet." Now that doesn't sound too badass, but the Rabbis teach that covering his feet is a euphimism for covering his massive balls.

-Sodom and Gemorrah, is sometimes credited, to him. No one brings down huge-ass balls of fire and sulfur like Michael.

-In the Genesis the text talks about God being wrouth with the "Nefillim" who were brought about when "The children of God" namely angels, banged mortal chicks. So it is entirely possible Michael scored with a shitload of mortal women.

-Last of all Michael's name means "Who is like God" I mean fucking-a this dude was so badass, the only way to describe him was being like God.

So if you would add these important facts to the current article I would be very appreciative. Thank you



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