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Snake Eyes

I believe the Snake Eyes entry should be updated to include the following badassery: an episode of the cartoon started with the Joes in disguise at a plant printing US Dollars. Snake Eyes' disguise was a janitors jumpsuit and hat OVER his ninja suit. He was such a fucking badass ninja that no one even gave him a second fucking glance wearing such a ridiculous outfit.

Later on in the episode, Cobra had robbed Fort Knox and Snake Eyes was captive on their train riding through- what the Korean animators had drawn to be- the deserts of Kentucky. Zartan pushed Snake Eyes out of the speeding train with the wrists and ankles bound. Some how in mid-air Snake Eyes was able to defy the laws of physics and move forward AND flip himself UPSIDE DOWN and HOOK HIS ANKLE THROUGH ONE OF THOSE FUCKING LADDERS ON THE SIDE OF A TRAIN! He then proceeded to free himself, derail the train, and kick the ass of every fucking Drednok onboard!

That is all.


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