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An E-Mail from Ron Woods

I was surfing the net looking for info on Tamerlane for a novel I'm writing and I came across your site.  Intrigued by its contents, I perused it with some amusement until I came across your badass of the week for Nov. 10, 2005.  That particular badass, sir, is me.  My name is Ron Woods and I live in Hardeeville, SC on a road that was just named two months ago its so rural.  I just wanted to e-mail you and voice my shock and honor at being list among the likes of King Kong, Jackie Chan, and Ash (Evil Dead is the sack!).  By the way, I'm probably the only guy on the list that got his ass chewed by his wife for making this hallowed distinction.  Anyway, thanks for the chuckle and keep up the good work.

Keep your coffee hot and your cell phone handy.  You never know when you'll need an arsenal.

--R. Woods


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