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So, I love your site and I am very interested in American history, particularly in Andrew Jackson. I was reading over your passage on Jackson and I thought you could find some more info useful....

-When Jackson worked as a judge, a man who was arrested for robbery escaped from jail. Jackson, like a fucking boss, put on his hat and went on a search for the robber. When Jackson found the man, the robber was so afraid by the intimidating Jackson that he surrendered on the spot, even though he had 2 guns.

-In Jackson's duel against Charles Dickinson, Jackson went into the fight with a plan to let Dickinson shoot him first, in order to give himself more time...letting a man shoot you? Now thats badass.

-Even though Jackson was a murderer of Indians, after his Tennessee militia finished annihilating a Indian Creek tribe, every Indian laid dead except for a small child. One of Jackson's soldiers asked Jackson what to do with the child and Jackson decided, like a true badass, to adopt the parent-less Indian child.


Hey, I think your site about badass is as badass as the badasses who engage in badassery across its badass pages. In order to contribute to its epitome of badass I would like to provide some supplementary material about Theodore Roosevelts badass escapades. After recently finishing a unit in AP US History i know some shit.

When Theodore Roosevelt was rough riding in the dakotas, basically the first day he was out there, he wandered into a bar at like eight in the morning and asked for some coffee. Roosevelt actually had a reedy Harvard educated new englander accent, and when a character presenting such personality traits walks into a bar at eight in the morning in Dead Mans Fang North Dakota or some badass name like that, the wannabe badasses in the joint start talking some smack. so these groups of cowboys begin to make references as to how they believed that TR liked to sleep with men. TR responded by asking the man to repeat the statement. The dudes do so with a little extra mustard because they are homophobic fucks. So Teddy says something along the lines of "You, sir, have impinged upon my honor, now I shall bludgeon your testis into a gruesome pulp." These five douchbag cowboys, beefed up beyond all belief on repressed testosterone (the only women around were bovines) think they can take on one Yankee so they engage in a bout of fisitcuffs

Theodore Roosevelt kicked all five of their asses at the same fucking time.

The next day they began to work for him on his ranch.

Thats right, Teddy didn't just kick ass, he kicked it, then employed it in true badass fashion.

Dante (named after the writer, not the douchbag video game guy from devil may cry)


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