Badass of the Week.

-- A Tribute to Vasilis Paleokostas

Hey Ben,

I'm a big fan of I discovered the site only a couple of months back, I have all the articles on badasses read. They made my day at work go way quicker. Thanks for the fantastic blend of education, insight and humour. I came across the site one night in a friend's place. He had recently discovered Stumbleupon and he was going mad on it. Anyway we happened to stumble upon your article about the Greek Robin Hood himself, and well we were smitten.

We decided to write a song about him. We are both musicians and both currently bandless and lazy and we were always shitting on about making music together but never actually did anything, so this was the perfect excuse. Anyway the next night we wrote some lyrics and started messing around, and we got something close to a song recorded. So I've sent you what we have. Now it's pretty rough and ready, to be honest I'd hoped we could get a better version recorded, but it's looking unlikely at the moment. So rather than let this float off into the mists of obscurity I thought I'd send you a copy. I don't expect you to put it on the site, as it's quite dodgy soundwise, but I thought maybe you'd get a kick out of it.

Anyway cheers again for the site. Loved the Cú Chulainn article. It was great seeing our little island represented by a genuine badass, or 'droch-thóin' in Irish. You nailed that story on the head by the way, the best version I've ever read, and we're all taught that story in school. If you liked Setanta you might consider looking up Fionn Mac Cumhaill (pronounced Mac Cool). He was the leader of an army of elite badasses called the Fianna.

Anyway keep up the good work.


(I attempted to upload this, but the file is too large for my hosting service)

Cm, C#, D#, C#

F#, F, C#, F

There was a kid, a horse, a series of homes
olive groves and sun
But sure as night things started to lose their
Idyllic flavour
Certain things will occur
When you're born for honour. Destined for destiny.

Where are you tonight
Vasillis Paleokostas?
'Cause I know
They're coming after you, oh yeah

He made authority quiver and shake
Stumble and fall
But to the people on the streets he was a human god
A money-showering Adonis
But then these are the just the kind of things that happen
When you're born for honour. Destined for destiny.

So where are you?
Oh, oh
'Cause I know
They're coming after you

The night was black, the moon was late, everything was hard to see
Vasillis, while being distracted
was surrounded by six thousand Greek Police
Some filthy Judas gave away his location
Sometimes terrible things happen
When you're born for honour. Destined for destiny.

And where are you tonight?
Oh, oh

It seems unlikely that you're free
I think you might be incarcertated
in some penintentary
But it doesn't matter brother 'cause I know where you are
I got these wings and I'm coming for you
Just like before

In a helicopter
We'll free you tonight
Such a bad motherfucker


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