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A Norse Religion Convert

I just read your take on Norse religion and I must say, it was compelling.  In fact, I am going to convert.  I work as an Accountant in an office with a lot of conservative people - by that I mean I think they are Christians.  The scary kind.  So I'm thinking about hitting up Wal-Mart this weekend for a viking helmet and starting this whole conversion process.  It's weird-I used to think the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion was pretty cool, but this is way better.

I want to be a bad-ass hot Norse goddess warrior chick.  Period.  Right now, I'm sitting at my desk getting all pumped up angry about people that piss me off.... people that don't courtesy flush, people that bombard you when you're trying to get off an elevator, and assholes that leave little "Get Saved Or Burn in Hell" comics shoved under your car door handle.  I think some stalker Christian guy here at work left me this comic, but whatever... he won't do it again once I take up this Norse religion.  Especially once he sees me outside this office building trying to cut down a tree with a butter knife.

I'm going to wear the helmet to work tomorrow, since it is Ash Wednesday and all the other religious folk will be walking around here with that stuff on their forehead.  Maybe I will get ash on my head as well, only mine will be in the shape of a dick/balls and will be paired with a Norse viking helmet.  I will look at everyone defensively if they stare at me.

So in closing, I just want to say that your take on religions was pretty awesome and well, it made me laugh.  Hard.


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