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-- More Info About Leprosy --

Baldwin IV overcame even more crap than mentioned in your article (though you covered a great portion of why leprosy sucks ten kinds of ass)

Leprosy (also called Hansen's Disease), has no known cure or treatment, and there is no way to dull the pain, which means Baldwin IV was suffering literal lifelong agony, and the fact that didn't crush his spirit was awesome, and since leprosy is a nerve disease (not the skin, even though that's where the symptoms manifest), the asskicking he delivered was all the more impressive because he could've crapped out physically at any given time under ordinary circumstances, so the only explanantion for the guy being awesome was the fact he was too hotblooded to let leprosy fuck him over.

Also, he lived in a society where leprosy had the same Old Testament stigma, where you were unclean, cursed, and told to GTFO of anything enjoyed by ordinary humans, and the fact he still got respect was a massive exception to the rule.

BTW, leprosy is pretty much HIV/AIDS for the nerves, more or less, though it's virtually extinct today.



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