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Jacksonian Badassery

Just an ego boost for you, but I was attempting to convince a friend that Andrew Jackson was probably one our best presidents (aside from ya know, exterminating native americans like uncle adolf). After much frusrtations I linked her to your article, and she said, and I quote:

Me: and here, written better than I ever fucking could, is all the reasons Andrew Jackson was a bad ass.
Friend: dude andrew jackson was a fucking lunatic
Friend: he was the hitler of the indians
Friend: he's not cool
Friend: although it's pretty awesome that he took one in a duel and then turned around and was like "What" and shot the other guy
Friend: that's pretty awesome I have to admit
Friend: that's a pretty funny article
Friend: this is hysterical
Friend: god dammit how can this person make someone that I hate so much sound so fucking awesomne
Friend: WTF


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