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Hector And Ajax

Bro, awesome article on Hector -- that guy gets no love, but he's way more interesting than Achilles.  Achilles is like emo Wolverine.  Hector is Captain America. I was surprised by your omission of his two duels with Ajax the Greater (King of Salamis, Strongest Mortal Since Hercules, and a 9 FOOT TALL GIANT).  Ajax wielded a giant Thor-like hammer in battle, and a sheild made of seven ox hides.  So he was kind of a big deal.

So at one point after Paris' defeat, Ajax and Hector agreed to the same terms and met in battle.  Ajax hit Hector with a boulder.  Hector ripped off a chariot's wheel and flung it at Ajax, Captain America style.  They fought from sunrise to sunset, at which point they declared a draw, ate dinner together and exchanged gifts.  Ajax actually gave Hector the embroidered belt that Achilles would later use to drag him behind his chariot.

Their second battle occurs as the Trojans attempt to burn the Greek ships.  Ajax tears down an entire ship's mast and wields it like a spear, swinging it around and scattering the Trojans like duckpins.  Then Hector shows up and disarms him, I assume by leaping onto the pole and running down it like a ninja and executing a Guile-style Flash Kick on the Greek hero.  Chaos then reigned, which led to Hector's confusion and his quick defeat of Patroclus.

I just thought that matching a massive giant in combat might be pretty bad ass. Also, Eric Bana is a pussy. Bruce Willis should have played Hector.



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