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-- In Which I Am Haikued --


I'm a ninth grade English teacher at a semi-rural district and over 50 years old, but OMG your site is the best thing I've seen when it comes to completely informal retellings of classics. I SO want to use some of the less profanity-laced bits for my students this year when we do the Odyssey. (it won't be as funny as the whole shebang, but I'd get to keep my job). Your permission would be great, and I'd certainly credit you for anything I use. I've read nearly everything on the site worst meeting in the world is SOOOO like the teacher-torture (professional development seminars) inflicted upon us by the godless, faceless, spinally-challenged goat-turds in charge. I salute you. Nay, I Haiku you.

The Amazing Ben,
words roar from his mighty brain;
Homer would be proud!

Thanks again,


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