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Hi Ben,

For the next badass of the week, I'd like to nominate none other than the website  The reason is simple, what out there is possibly more hardcore, more awesome, more entirely badass, than a place that consolidates and idolizes the badassery of everything that tops off the scale of badassitude?  From historical figures, comic characters, movie characters, even movies themselves - all things badass are pontifacted on in a way that everyone from the pansiest peace-promiting tree-hugging hippie all the way up to Conan can appreciate and understand.  And in this, not only is it supremely badass, but actually manages to teach things as well! If my history classes were taught in the format that you present historical figures, I would have never fucking fallen asleep!

And the articles! It takes some serious balls to go out there and point out what religions are badass and why, and blatantly tell the anti-badasses to fuck off. Not to mention the lofty undertaking of making wine snobbery sound badass. The trick there is that you don't actually become one, but instead learn how to make other people THINK you're a wine snob, earning you awesome points in both popularity and your deception rank.  And yet that's only the beginning in a range of subject articles so fucking wide, that I'm sure sometime in the future, the Chinese will use it for comparison when traveling back in time to gauge if they made their big fucking wall wide enough.

So there you go, my nomination for why should be just that.

Side note! Regarding the worthless fucker that stole your iPod. You said he took it out of your office? Depending on where you work/what you do.... I'm guessing it was a coworker who either knows your schedule, or could keep an eye on your door. So you may want to start peering in car windows for your iPod. Then slash the tires and break the glass, take your iPod, and when you see the fucker.... say something really innocent like "Wow, I wonder what you did to deserve THAT!" ... how awesome would that be?



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