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Beowulf Book Report


Holy balls.   I brought the Beowulf article in to my senior A.P. English class and my teacher, [Name Withheld], a 40ish yr. old woman, R.O.F.L.ed all over the class room.   We are reading and discussing Beowulf currently so it was quite germane.   She also read the article on Converting to the Norse Religion.   That to caused her to break out into hearty guffaws.   Additionally, she wasted her entire free period reading articles.   When she was supposed to be correcting our papers, she was geeking out over your stuff.

She even showed the Worst Meeting Ever article to a fellow colleague who taught me last year.   They thought that it was especially hilarious because they were just about to start a series of boring-ass faculty meetings on how to get kids to read or some such shit.   When she told me the topic, I suggested that she just bring the articles that I printed for her to the meeting!   Unfortunately that didn't happen, but she did compliment you a lot on your writing style.   Aside from your ability to deftly curse and create hilarious analogies (i.e. Michael Phelps + blender) she was impressed with your vast knowledge of historical figures.   Anything that Mrs. [Name Withheld] says is "really well written" is damn good. 

You sir, are a true wordsmith!


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