Badass of the Week.

-- An Ancient Tradition --

I once wrote you that that I thought you'd invented a new genre of literature, but the other day it occurred to me that you have actually re-created the original, primordial genre of literature. What were all the first stories about? Badasses. Period. What's the oldest genre in the world? What were the Greeks on about, early on? Superheros. What was Gilgamesh about? Major badassary. Pick up an Old Testament and flip to a random page. What is it about? Badasses and their awesome badassitude! What do little kids want to hear about, talk about, think about. 24-7? Major kickassitude. It seems to me that the stories told by primitive tribespeople were fundamentally no different from X-men tales. What do kids want to hear about, talk about, think about, long before they get interested in anything else? (Well, boys anyway.) Awesome dudes and how they kicked butt, that's all. See that kid daydreaming in math class? What's he thinking about? Donno, but I can guess!

Keep up the good work!


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